Love tips

Love tips

Love is second step after dating. Love is the meeting of two hearts. It starts with attraction. This attraction can occur due to many reasons like beautifulness, soft word, hardworking, brilliance, etc. Love has no age limit. It can start in any age and with any age person.

In true love, you donot touch each other, but want to gaze eachother only. It is not a relationship of giving and taking, but it is a relationship of sacrifice and caring. You think to help eachother without any demand and profit.

As per expert advise, i am publishing few love tips here. You can also send your tips, if you want to share.

  • Generally love starts at teenage. In this age you find new changes in your body, so it attracts other gender quickly.

  • Do not disregards your parents/guardians when you feel you are in love. They have lots of experience of life and no parents can think bad to their childs.

  • Love to someone who is kind to other. Then only he/she understand what love is!

  • Always be clear and frank to your love. Don't hide any thing from them. If you find your true love, he/she will not let you go for your past history. They always support you.

  • Now a days, we are only complaining of having no time. But we have to find time for our love. Work is important but love has more importance as it is related to your whole life. If due to any reason, you have to leave one job, you will find other, but if you loss your love once you cannot find it again.

  • Love starts by eye contact. Donot avoid eye contact to a person you are in love. Eye contact is not 100% trusty, but in most cases its work fine.

  • If you are in love, express it out. Sometimes we loss our love only because we are unable to express it.

  • Get your love for candle lit dinner. Remember some good moments. Sit nearby to each other. Try to touch and flirt little. It will bring your more close to each other.

  • Don't go for sex in love. Love is blind but keep patience.

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