Improve stamina in men

Improve stamina in men

There are many reasons for low stamina in men. You must consult your doctor for improvement. Generally this problem occurs to people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, psychological disorder, masterbation, etc.

Now a days, these problems are growing a lot due to masterbation. If you have a habit of it and unable to leave it, you must consult to Psychiatrists. Once a while is not problem as body itself generates sperm. But daily/regular habit is very bad for your health.

You can improve your stamina using following tips:

  1. Exercise - Regular exercise is most important to boost stamina. It helps for blood circulation throughout body. It repairs all weak cells and tissue. Push up , aerobics exercise like walking or running are considered as good exercise for this purpose.

  2. Yoga - Various yoga is suggested for it as breadthing exercises like Anuloma-Viloma, kapalbhati, etc
    You can follow following link for it

  3. http://anmolmehta.com/male-sexual-health-yoga-exercises

  4. Home item - Various home used item works effectively like garlic and ginger. You can take 2 to 3 garlic peels in empty stomach in morning. You can take around 4 gms of ginger per day directly or with any supplement

  5. You can make a small piece of ginger and garlic and keep it in a bowl. Put one spoon of honey into it. Keep it over night. Next early morning eat it in empty stomach

  6. It is also possible that every thing is fine in your body, but you ejaculate very fast. It may be due to high sensitivity of penis. You should contact your doctor immediately in this case.

  7. Medicine - There are many medicines available in market for it. Mostly has fake promises. Some ayurvedic medicine works effectivey in it are extacy from Nupal , Ashwagandha and Omega-3 fatty acid. Please consult to your doctor before taking any medicine.

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