Dating tips

Dating Tips

Dating is the first step towards love. We spend years to find a good partner for dating/love, sometimes we find partner but after some time we realise that he/she is not like me. But it takes time to understand our partners.

Online dating site helps to find partner easily. Here we can compare similarity between you and your partners. You can talk to many, once at a time to understand their feelings. It helps you to select your soulmate easily. It helps to escape your precious time. If you are shy in nature, then perhaps you will not able to date any one, because you cann't express your feelings to any one easily. Online dating site helps you to do all this in a easy and fast way.

As per expert advise, i am publishing few dating tips here. You can also send your tips, if you want to share.

  • Everyone wait for dating date, they want to look good and expect their parters to be good looking. so try to wear good clothes so that your personality glows.

  • Don't get late, try to be punctual. It gives good sign of your nature, otherwise it shows that you are careless.

  • When you reach to your partner on date, start with simple word of hello or hi. Don't be in hurry. Keep calm and try to understand your partner, their feelings, likes and dislikes

  • Give complement to your partners for their looks and style. Try to have a fun and make your partner laughter.

  • Always have a positive and broad mind while speaking to your partner. Sometimes it means something different what is to be said.

  • Don't drunk on date. Try to avoid all bad behaviours like cigeratte, gutha or other nacotial objects.

  • You may have to date many to find a correct partner of your choice. But don't hesitate to say no, to anyone whom you don't like. Always speak truth and frankly.

  • Don't say that i want to know everything on first day like what they eat, when they getup on morning, etc. Always be slow and steady.

  • Don't date a person, due to whom you fall in trouble in your life or someone who hurts you. Sometimes in hurry we make such mistake. But we should understand that world is big and we certainly find or soulmates

  • Don't give your personal information like your home address, parents mobile number or any such information which may cause you to come in difficult situation

  • Don't do sex in first date. It shows crush and lack of love. If your partner ask for it, frankly refuse for it. If a person attract for physical relation in first date, they cann't be a good person by heart.

  • Don't date to a married person. Its like an offence as it destroys some family. You can date to a divorcee but not to a person who already has a wife.

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