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Welcome to milandeep.com

It is a matromonial and dating website. Now a days everyone crunches for time, so it is very difficult to find match in same community or partner which we like. Mostly we compromise ourselves and select one among few selection that we have. Some times we give money to some matrimonial website which is very costly. Higher class people afford it without any problem, but it is difficult for middle class and lower class people. Any how they give money once to that website but if they do not get their match in the given sitmulated time frame, it is difficult to give money next time. If you are lucky then you will get it in first time only, otherwise it seems to be difficult.

Also, as per current trends some people want to understand eachother before marriage. So, we focus our website for both dating and marriage. If you register for marriage, you will only see profiles of person looking for marriage only. If you register for dating, you will see profiles of person looking for dating only.

We are not offering any price for any service in this site. You can use all its features without any cost. The aim of this website is social service only. Any one can donate if they want.

About Our company

It is a software development company, established in 2011. We work for entertainment and website creation. We use PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, Javascript, HTML, CSS for website creation. If you are interested in website development you can contact us.

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